Boat Name:


Standard Equipment and Location: Yes No

  1. Keel and Rudder per regulation
  2. Boom, Mast and Spinnaker pole per regulation
  3. Hot water heater or 15 lbs. of weight
  4. Fuel tank or 40 lbs. of weight
  5. Stove and Oven or 40 lbs. of weight
  6. Bulkhead table
  7. Cushions and hatch covers (aft berth/salon)
  8. Locker doors (4)
  9. Head door
  10. Lead trim blocks (V berth area)
  11. Headsails (max 5/max LP 155%)
  12. Spinnakers (max 3)
  13. Crew limited to nine (9) members

Corrective Action:





I, master of this vessel, having read the Frers 33 Class Association Rules and Regulations warrant that my yacht complies fully with these regulations. I acknowledge that these regulations cannot anticipate every possible situation and that anything not specifically permitted herein is prohibited until a ruling from the Class President is obtained. Furthermore, I warrant that the helmsperson for the regatta will be the legal owner of the yacht or a member of the immediate family and that this helmsperson will steer the boat from the yacht’s warning signal through the start of the race and for the majority of the ensuing race. I do for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, and next of kin, waive any and all claims against, and hold harmless, the Frers 33 Class Association, its officers and members, and any one of more of them arising out of my yachts participation in this race.




National Frers 33 Class Association

Rules and Regulations

  1. General

The following have been prepared and approved by the Executive Committee of the Frers 33 Class Association and will govern Frers 33 Level Racing Events. These regulations relate to considerations of safety, reasonable cost, and fair competition between equal yachts.

    1. Registration and Measurement Certificate
    1. No yacht shall be a Frers 33 until it has been completed by Carroll Marine and issued a building number.
    2. A sail number shall be carried as required by the national authority concerned.

2.00 Owner’s Responsibility: Adherence to Regulations

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the yacht complies with these

regulations. These regulations cannot anticipate every possible situation. The owner must assume that anything not specifically permitted herein is prohibited until a ruling from the Class President is obtained.

    1. Owner’s Responsibility: Safety

The safety of the yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner, or owner’s representative, who must ensure that the yacht is fully found, thoroughly seaworthy, and manned by an experienced crew who are physically fit to face bad weather. The owner must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails, and gear. The owner must ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained and stowed and that the crew knows its location and its function.

Neither the establishment of these regulations, their use by sponsoring organizations, nor the inspection of the yacht under these regulations in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner or the owner’s representative.

  1. Construction and Management

3.01 Production Molds

Hull, deck, keel and rudder shall be built from molds obtained from the official master molds. The shape and tolerance of said molds shall not be altered without specific authorization of Carroll Marine Ltd. The primary measurement control shall be by way of a single uniform set of molds.

    1. Bulkheads and Joinery
    2. Permanently installed items such as structural bulkheads, liners, and joinery may not be altered. The addition of optional joinery such as shelves, lockers, pilot berths, drawers or other items used to personalize the yacht or enhance its cruising capability is permitted.

    3. Standard Equipment

Interior equipment supplied by the builder as standard equipment must be on board and stowed in its intended location while racing except as noted:

    1. The V-Berth cushions and their plywood bunk lids may be removed for racing.
    2. The two drawers located under the V-berth may be removed for racing.
    3. The bi-fold door between the V-berth and main cabin may be removed for racing.
    4. The helmsman seat may be removed for racing.
    5. If the hot water heater (15 lbs) or fuel tank (40 lbs, @1/4 full) or oven (40 lbs excluding two burner stove top) have been permanently moved, removed, or not obtained when the boat was built, a weight equal to the item shall be affixed in its intended location during all racing events.

It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Class President of any deviation from the above regulations.

    1. Engine and Propeller
    1. The engine shall be as provided by the builder.
    2. The propeller shall be as provided by the builder either fixed or folding. There shall be no allowance or credit for a fixed propeller.
    1. Exterior Hardware and Equipment
    2. There are no restrictions on deck gear, winches, control lines or sail handling equipment.

    3. Steering may be by way of tiller or wheel.
    4. Pulpits, lifelines, and stanchions may not be altered from that supplied by the builder.


  1. Spars and Standing Rigging

4.01 Mast, boom, and spinnaker pole (Ref. 4.06) shall be as supplied by the builder.

Alterations to the standard spars are not permitted. The black band on the mast and boom shall not be moved. Replacement spars shall be obtained from the builder or a supplier specifically approved by the builder.

    1. Standing rigging shall be as supplied by the builder. Alterations are not permitted although as optional midstay may be fitted to the tang provided for heavy weather sailing.
    2. Backstay adjusters are permitted.
    3. Jib roller furling systems are permitted.
    4. Jib luff groove systems are permitted.
    5. Carbon fiber spinnaker poles are permitted.
    6. Carbon fiber masts and boom are NOT permitted.

5.00 Sails

5.01 There are no restrictions on sail materials or weights.

5.02 Mainsail: Only one may be carried aboard while racing. Fully battened mainsails are permissible.

5.03 Storm Trysail: One may be carried.

5.04 Storm Jib: One may be carried and not count as part of the headsail limitation if its area is not more than 5% of the height of the foretriangle squared.

5.05 Headsails:

    1. A maximum of five may be carried while racing.
    2. MaximumLP shall not exceed 155%.
    3. A staysail counts as one headsail.
    4. Bloopers shall not be used.

5.06 Spinnakers: a maximum of three spinnakers may be carried aboard while racing.

The maximum luff length is 43.21 ft. and the maximum girth is 23 ft. 11 ˝ in.





6.00 Associated Regulations

    1. There are no restrictions on electronics, position finding equipment, or performance indication equipment.

6.02 Safety equipment must be carried on board in accordance with the ORC Category

specified in the event’s notice of race or sailing instructions.

    1. For Frers 33 level racing events, the crew will be limited to a total of nine

Members without regard to a limit on crew weight.

6.04 Owner/Helmsperson

    1. For The Frers 33 National Championship Regatta, the helmsperson must be the legal owner of the yacht or a member of his/her immediate family. A valid charter received by the Class President and predating this regatta by more than 10 days is considered ownership for these purposes. In the case of a charter, the name of the charter must appear on the event’s registration as skipper/owner of the yacht.
    2. For other level regattas, alternate helmspersons shall be allowed within the spirit of Corinthian sailing.
    3. The Class President reserves the right to inspect any yacht to assure compliance with the Association Regulations.


Published 4/1/88

Revised 3/4/89

Revised 2/15/91

Revised 7/28/92

Revised 2/17/93

Revised 7/4/96