Southern Cross

New Owner:  Brian Higgins

Westport, CT

Cedar Point Yacht Club

(x-Risoluto, x-Shamrock)

The boat was purchased in 2018 and renamed Southern Cross. In the subsequent year I have already put in lots of effort into cleaning up and improving the interior and the electrical of this already beautiful and mostly well maintained boat. I have completed about 70% of the work so far refinishing and varnishing all of the interior brightwork, completed a full LED conversion on all interior and exterior lighting, and completely replaced everything at the Nav station, instruments, breaker panel, etc. I have also outfitted the boat with a Staysail and other small upgrades to prepare the boat for longer distance and overnight races. The boat is regularly raced out of Cedar Point Yacht Club and elsewhere throughout the summer, and was also cruised to Block Island for a week last summer.