USA 40823

Bob Farnuum

The boat is presently called Audacious, and was just previously
known as Harmony. In the early '90s it was Freia. I'm not sure if there
were any other names. Based on copies of IMS and PHRF certificates, the
boat was raced in the early '90s but has been cruised lately. I have been
trying to get the boat back into racing trim without just throwing all
nonessentials out.

I sailed as a teenager in Casco Bay (We lived near the Portland Yacht Club)
but took 30 years off after moving to Connecticut. I have been racing an
Evelyn 25 for the past 10 years. After figuring out the Evelyn, I am
starting over with the new boat. With More Magic and Wolverine in the area,
I should have plenty of competition.