USA 40840


Owner: Jock Thompson


Hull #1


Yes, Beowulf is the elusive hull # 1, originally named Brigadoon IV.  I bought the boat in early 1986 from Robbie Pierce at the Carrol Marine factory. He had sailed the boat on it's maiden circuit including the Key West Regatta where they tore up the IMS fleet. The Shore sailmaker that was on board was a guy named Moose Mcklintock.

We have raced Beowulf continuously since we bought her. In the early years we won some of the big Regattas in this area. In the last few years, we have raced only at our club Lakeside Yacht Club but are always in the hunt and last season won the overall in a 16 race series for boats rated PHRF from 114 (us) to 135.

Robert Morton was the original owner and I believe he was an investor in the original mold for the 33 as well as later Frers molds. Not sure on that.

Beowulf"s interior is a little different for later models in that the cabinet work for the refrigerator and oven/stove are located at the mast location. Above deck it is all business with 3 speed primaries and 2 speed winches on the cabin top. Adjustable sheet track with 4 to 1 tackle. She has a tiller rather than wheel and the skipper can manage the main sheet from the rail. Rumor is that the layout was Robbie's design.

That is it as far as a little history. She remains Navy blue with red and white boot stripe.